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KICSS'2013 will be 8th in the series of highly successful interdisciplinary conferences on creativity and related topics and the first one to be held in Europe, following Melbourne (2012), Beijing (2011), and Chiang Mai (2010). Proceedings of the previous KICSS conferences have been published by Springer LNCS/LNAI, IEEE CPS, JAIST Press.
Please refer to KICSS'2010  , KICSS'2011 and KICSS'2012

The KICSS'2013 Special Theme is:
"Looking into the Future of Creativity and Decision Support Systems"
Watch the KICSS'2013 website and/or send an expression of interest to be included into the mail list of the KICSS'2013 Newsletter to: kicss2013@pbf.pl

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